All Anderson Transport truck drivers and forklift-operators regularly attend advanced training courses. Ongoing training is essential in today’s operating environment and this investment in skills is central to our company’s success. Our policy of training, staff care and development allows us to employ and retain top drivers and crews. Experience, continuity and loyalty are key to our success and our ability to deliver a professional and courteous service.

At Anderson Transport we believe all our employees should have equal access to education and training, regardless of their race, gender or disability.  We see training as an essential means to rectify racially discriminatory policies of the past.

Anderson Transport is a BBBEE certified service provider and we encourage our employees to take part in leadership and skills training programmes. We are committed to improving employment opportunities for disadvantaged people and to provide quality training and education opportunities in our company.


  • Anderson Transport’s driver training school is accredited by TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority) and aims to:

    - safeguard other road-users by employing reliable and skilful drivers
    - look after the interest of our clients by rendering the best possible service
    - provide drivers with the skills to do the freight paperwork impeccably and provide an accurate paper trail
    - gain larger efficiencies and lower expenses by doing detailed pre-trip inspections to prevent delays and on-road breakdowns.

Again and again ... WE SET THE STANDARD!